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  1. KruegerandSimba


    Hello everyone. Can anyone help me with the names of the colouring of my sphynx babies?
  2. Mercy

    What color is my new baby? 4 Month Old Spyhnx :)

    Hi, This is Ysera Von Bunnings Snag (Ysera). She's 4 months old approximately, is missing 1" off her tail and is very sweet regardless. What colour is she actually?
  3. Seppo

    Discolored area of skin

    Hello I'm new to sphynxies and am in a bit of a panic before I call the vet! Seppo is a young black sphynx. I came home from a weekend away (over which time my friend, the vet, was cat sitting and he was glued to her a lot!) and he's got a lighter patch of skin on his side (about a square...