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  1. Miriam

    NY/NJ/PA/CT looking to adopt Sphynx nudie in need. <3

    Hello all, I have tried this site before and hope to again. I was a mom to 2 Cornish Rex's... close cousins to the Sphynx (in care and termperament). They have since passed of age related illnesses. It's been almost 5 months and my home is desperate for another kitty to care for. If you are in...
  2. Nakedandcurly

    So happy to join you guys!

    Hello everyone! So happy and excited about this new part of life! I'm from Sweden and two weeks ago I got my first naked baby, and three days ago I got a curly Cornish Rex as a friend to him! A lady Rex. Had some complications with their diarrhoea though. But those lucky babies are on a...
  3. Mika Kiara

    Another question... Are they playing or fighting?

    Hi, me again. With another question, I prefer asking stupid questions than making mistake. I just took a video of them playing/fighting, my question is, are we suppose to leave them doing it of are we supposed to intervene and stop them?
  4. Mika Kiara

    Hi! New Sphinx in the family.

    Hi, Me and my family are proud new owner of a 20 weeks old little girl. About 3 and a half year ago me and my wife start thinking about adding a cat to our small family, we have only one daughter, she was 5 and a half year old at that time. We did a lot of research and decided against getting...