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  1. S

    Sphynx Cat/Kitten Monthly Costs (UK and Elsewhere)

    Hey guys! Hope you and your pets are all doing well! I've been trying to get some more up to date info (2021/2022) on the monthly costs that a kitten/adult cat infer. I am looking to get one of those bundles of joy very soon and I've been doing my research on everything but it seems that when...
  2. Spoon&Sphynx

    Cost and amounts?

    I’m considering starting a raw diet and am trying to figure out the logistics of it all. If what I’m figuring is correct, this seems WAY more expensive than what I’m currently feeding. However, it’s entirely possible that I’m way off base here…. Help please haha I have 2 adult cats and will be...
  3. tiliquajeff

    How Common Are Serious Health Issues?

    Hi. I am one of those people that lurks around on Sphynx Lair, but never posts. I enjoy the forum very much. I am hoping that some of you who have kept sphynx's for awhile will be willing to say how long you have had your cat(s), and if you have had any serious health issues with them. It is...