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  1. kitty41h

    We are adopting a Deaf baby advice?

    We are adopting our second Sphynx on Sunday. He is 6 months old and deaf. He came from a breeder in the UK. to his current owner. He does not get along with her female. We have a male Tiny and a blue russian Fred. I hope this goes well adding a 3rd ...what am crazy cat lady! YESSSSSSSSSS He is...
  2. Mette

    Deaf Kitten?

    Hello all, I'm brand new to Sphynx cats, as well as this website. Last weekend, I picked up my kitten, George, from his breeder. This past week, I've noticed that he is unlike most cats. While I attributed this to his breed, I also started realizing that he wasn't responding normally to noises...