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drug sensitivity

  1. R

    some questions before spaying

    hi everyone . we're getting our Evie spayed next week , and I was wondering if you could help me with some concerns i have . She's 6 months old and about 2.5 kg 1. Our vet has experience with sphynx cats but I still want to make sure she doesnt use any drugs that may hurt my girl . what can't...
  2. spikesmom

    giardia treatment - flagyl - are sphynx sensitive to this drug?

    Hi Everyone, My cats have giardia (5 1/2 year old HCM male, and 9 month old female). I worry about drug interractions with my delicate little flowers. they don't tolerate being force-fed 2 cc of Panacur and they are too wise to know when I put in in there food...they turn into velociraptors...