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female sphynx

  1. P

    Single cat home female Sphynx, Ohio

    Tina is looking for a new forever home where it is just her and her human parents. She is a very loving, 3 year old, black Sphynx; she is spayed, microchiped and has CFA papers. I have 3 other cats and Tina is extremely stressed by them. Hiding and hissing, but never attacking or biting. If she...
  2. L

    Looking for a middle aged or older sphynx female - NYC area

    I currently have the sweetest 6 year old male. He was adopted and he is never aggressive, loves to purr and needs attention! I recently took a new job that will require myself working in the office more. I wanted to see if anyone has an older female they are looking for a forever home to help...
  3. K

    New Sphinx mom Soon to be Sphinx grandma need advice

    This is going to be some what of a word vomit here but i got a 2 year old skin bean about 6 months ago. i absolutely adore her and I love the program I got her from. They give their breeding cats to forever homes and just have you report when they are in heat and set everything up. they pay for...
  4. Miss Minka Chocolat

    Miss Minka Chocolat

    My stunning chocolate drop! How are you so perfect?!
  5. Coco Couture

    Coco Couture

  6. Goddess Minka

    Goddess Minka

    Ears, eyes, everything yasss
  7. Love at first site!

    Love at first site!

    ... I mean sight! Chocolate baby with her tortie sister. So cute, I want to eat her up! 4-5 weeks old
  8. J

    Rehoming our 2 Sphynx Girls - South Texas

    We unfortunately have to rehome our two sphinx cats, our son is highly allergic and we cannot continue to sacrifice his health. They are both really sweet, love attention and love to ride in the car. Breaks my heart to let them go :cry: Both are females 13 months old from the same litter and...
  9. pocovonloco

    How Old is she safe to get Pregnant?

    Hi, I’m new here, my name’s Louise and my Sphynx’s named Poco (male) and Pitta (female), they’re not siblings. Poco is 10 months old and Pitta is 3 months old. I think Poco’s starting to get horny (I don’t know what is the right term for a cat), and I’m not sure if Pitta is ready, so I...
  10. Loumeredeth

    Searching for the best home for my girl

    Before I begin, let me say that this is the hardest decision I've had to make. To realize my cat isn't happy with us and deserves to live the best life was hard but a reality check. The problem isn't her - it's us. It's heartbreaking. With that being said, she deserves to be someone's number...