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  1. Randomesque

    Cat introduction gone badly wrong

    Hi everyone, I have a seven month old grey Sphynx called Merlin who has been with me since May of this year, and has been an absolute joy since I got him. He is extremely vocal and wants to play constantly. I play with him as much as I can, but as I'm working from home, he often isn't happy if...
  2. colton

    Advice for two Sphynx!

    Hello! I posted that I took home Elio a little bit ago and after seeing him and his sister together I really wanted to take her too. Unfortunately at the time she had been reserved and I wasn't able to get her. Fast forward 3 weeks later, of me thinking about her every day, the person who was...


  4. D

    Adopted a Sphynx

    I adopted Molly, 6 year old spayed female sphynx from a no-kill shelter near me about a month ago. Her person went into a nursing home & I don't know anything else about her. I've only had domestic short/long hair cats until now. I thought she'd be a good addition to our family of two dogs and a...
  5. Fluffyseti

    I have a SPHYNX and a CORNISH REX

    Hi Sphnxlair Community I got a lovely little Sphynx from a family who had to travel for work, My Cornish Rex Male was NOT HAPPY to have a little "sister". He actually scratched her and drew blood. A wise woman who did cat rescue gave me advice. Put both cats in sweaters then the next day...
  6. Kate

    Jack is being a bully ...

    He's really being rough and mean with Rosie lately. They have always played pretty rough, but now he's actually hurting her. She's got a few scrapes, a pretty bad one on her neck. Jack is the most docile cat I've ever seen, so it's strange to me that he'd be so mean. Rosie hisses and runs away...
  7. Mika Kiara

    Another question... Are they playing or fighting?

    Hi, me again. With another question, I prefer asking stupid questions than making mistake. I just took a video of them playing/fighting, my question is, are we suppose to leave them doing it of are we supposed to intervene and stop them?