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  1. Tashamills13

    Looking to rescue or adopt and adult Tampa,FL

    Ready for a cat again and we'd like to provide a loving home to an adult Sphynx. We are outside of Tampa in Brooksville, FL.
  2. MeadowThorne

    Andres 6 months old

    André celebrates his 6 months old mile stone! For the more recently this morning pics amazon is slow uploading check his Instagram andre_the_sphynx we took him to burger king n 3 stores . Hope everyone having a awesome weekend! I love this little guy who's growing too quickly
  3. M

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx kitten in Florida

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the group and have been searching for a kitten for a while. I have 5 boys (age 20 thru 11) and we are huge animal lovers. We'd like to add a kitten to our family, sadly we had a cat who was very old and passed away. But now we are ready to give our love to a new...
  4. B

    Looking to Adopt in Florida

    Good afternoon! I have always wanted to adopt a sphynx and have vet tech experience as well as experience with caring for cats all my life. I currently do not have any other pets and would love to take on the rewarding challenge of adopting a sphynx and am willing to give him/her my full...
  5. K

    ISO Sphynx

    In search of a nudie baby. I would like one that is good with other animals and people. Someone who loves to cuddle. We have a huge house and perfect place to have a new addition. Please Private Message me if anyone needs to find someone to adopt or rehome their baby I live in Citrus County, FL.
  6. S

    looking to rescue a female sphynx in FL

    Kind of an odd situation, but I am sure you guys get a lot of these. :) My husband, and I are looking for a sphinx to love, and rescue Florida, but we are on a budget. We live on a sailboat on an air force base, My husband is a retired army veteran. We are both wildlife rescue volunteers, but...
  7. HappyLilSphynx

    Looking in NE Florida

    As many of you know, I lost my beloved 3-year-old sphynx to complications from HCM in December. I know that there will be another hairless baby in my life, and would prefer to rescue/rehome if I have the opportunity. I live in NE Florida (Jacksonville area) , but am willing to travel to...
  8. AshJoJo

    Reputable breeders in Florida

    Hi everyone! I posted on here a few days ago about looking for reputable Elf Sphynx breeders. I would like to expand my search to the state of Florida as I plan on taking a trip there in November. If someone knows of a reputable breeder in Florida would you please PM me?! Thanks a million, Ash
  9. J

    Breeders or Shelters?

    I live in central Florida and was wondering if there's any known breeders or shelters near by that I could adopt/buy from.
  10. HappyLilSphynx

    NE Florida/SE Georgia Vet

    After dealing with a disaster of a vet for my first cat, I knew I needed a different vet for both my hairball and my sphynx. On a recommendation, I brought them to a vet in Jacksonville - where I was told that my sphynx had a raging heart murmur and would need to see a cardiologist (she hadn't...
  11. AshMac

    Do you have experience with this FL breeder?

    Please PM me if you have any experience with a Sphynx breeder (who also breeds Lykoi and Devon Rex) whose website says they are "located on the Nature Coast of Florida." Thank you!
  12. AshMac

    Looking for reputable Sphynx cattery in FL

    PLEASE PM me if you have any advice on this. I am interested in good experiences AND bad. Thank you.
  13. AshMac

    Grieving Kitty Mom Looking for Sphynx Kitten

    Hi. I'm Toupee's mom and posted here on the loss of my Sphynx after 18 wonderful years. I am looking for a Sphynx kitten with which to forge a new relationship. It is important to me that the breeder is responsible, reputable, and has a breeding program that tries to address HCM. I "can't take"...
  14. bk89

    looking to adopt in Atl, Ga

    If anyone in Georgia or within a reasonable driving distance (florida, SC, alabama) is looking to rehome a sphynx kitten I am looking to adopt. I have another cat and small dogs so a young cat or an adult cat that doesnt care is a preference. Thanks!