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food recommendations

  1. N

    Several weeks of diarrhea =(

    Any and all help is appreciated! TIA!! Our ~7year old sphynx cat has been having diarrhea for several weeks now. We tried giving some probiotics, which seemed to help a little but didn't make diarrhea go away. After 7 days of probiotics, we took him to a vet who took a stool sample and...
  2. madmel4

    Am I doing something wrong

    Hi Not sure if this is the right forum, but I have cross Amercian Curl/Sphynx (so he has hair), however I'm at my wits end because everytime he does a poo I'm having to not only clean his tail, but my floors, walls etc to the point it's become exhausting Cairo mainly does solid poos, but the...
  3. Maddie

    Astrid's New Food: Fromm

    So miss picky actually like Fromm Chicken Au Frommage... well of course she does she's a little cheese monster lol. The pieces are super tiny which she loves. PLUS no sticky poops and they are solid finally, and her skin cover in bumps is gone with eating it for two weeks. She was jumping around...
  4. EmilyAnderson

    Help! Two kitties with different food allergies

    I'm hoping this wonderful community can help me trouble-shoot some food questions. I have a Devon Rex with SEVERE food allergies. She has been doing well for years on Blue Buffalo Basics - Fish & Potato. We recently adopted a little sphynx who is having an allergic reaction to the food...