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  1. piercedp

    My 4 year old male Sphynx who was totally naked before started getting furrylong

    so I noticed this summer when he turned 4, that he started to get little random tufts of hair over his hind hips... Then some more showed up between his shoulders. It started creeping up his tail as well, & now after 6 months of growth it covers almost his whole torso, & is long enough now to...
  2. BetsyPip

    My hairless is loosing fur?!

    Hi! My beloved boy Pip Pirrip has started to loose his soft peach fuzz, and I have no idea why and can't seem to find anything like it online. I've included a photo and as you can see he is starting to go all speckly! Its very odd. He has been treated for mite and fleas and definitly has neither...