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  1. littlehalfbreed

    Mourning A Sphynx Is Challenging

    Hi Sphynx Lair Members, I’m Nadia and I’ve finally decided to create an account after lurking for years. I lost my sweet sphynx Wells suddenly to HCM on August 15 and I’ve felt so empty. Having had an abundance of cats throughout my life, including handling the challenges of rescuing sick...
  2. M

    grieving my baby

    Ive been a Sphynx mama since March16, 2013 when my angel baby Pharaoh was born...... He was an absolute joy in my life and everyone that met him...... I first fell in love with the breed when I saw Mr. Bigglesworth(Dr. Evils cat) in the Austin Powers movie...... I finally was able to save for...