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happy ending

  1. PeppermintsDads

    31 hours by Peppermintsdads A true Story.

    The Hardest 31Hrs It was 530pm June 30th having had peppermint slip from her harness and run down the street after being spooked by the overweight black cat. My heart breaks as I chase after her and then shatter as she makes a sharp turn towards the third house down's backyard. Which in our...
  2. R

    Looking for adoption in TX!!

    Hey there, I managed to stumble upon this site while looking to adopt a lil sphynx for my girlfriend for Christmas. I am willing to travel to meet the parents an meet the baby. If anyone has a unique, outgoing, loves to be loved sphynx then please contact me. We do have a rambunctious young...
  3. captain_tinky

    Pippin's magical powers

    Today we had our weekly family get together, and beings that we didn't get Pip until Thursday night last week nobody knew about her except everyone here. So today she had to meet two people who don't like hairless cats, so i dreaded that all day. I finally let Pippin out of the playpen when we...