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  1. R

    Dark spot on my Sphynx's hindquarters, very worried

    My sphynx-named Bananas-is almost 2 years old and has developed a large freckle on her hindquarters. She is white with grey/blue areas. Inside one of these grey/blue spots a freckle developed. I am really worried about it and wondered if this is something common or if anyone has any experience...
  2. Nofuratu

    Good news about heart murmurs and HCM

    Some of you know we have cats with HCM... We just took Count Von Count for his 2nd echocardiogram, a year after his diagnosis. He has been on the minimum dose of Atenolol once a day for a year now and his echo results were great news! His HCM has stayed completely the same! No enlargement or...