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heart desease

  1. C

    HCM Clinics

    Hello, Hope all is well ❤️ Anyone in the Northeast area know of any HCM clinics available anytime soon? The clinic I usually attend was held in July and I missed it due to covid. For those who don’t know, these clinics screen for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) by board certified veterinary...
  2. PicklesBenito

    My baby girl Pickles, HCM :(

    Wednesday morning I woke up before my alarm went off. In my sleep I sensed Pickles laying limp & lethargic, she has been battling HCM and had a large hole in her left ventricle for a couple years. She was taking 4 different medications twice a day for a while now. At her last scan the...
  3. gladysh

    Heart Murmur

    The worst thing to hear is that your vet found a heart murmur that wasn't there 6 months ago. From 1-6 , 6 being the worst she gave him a 4. I almost lost it and started to cry. Unfortunately, in the economic situation that we are now we can't take him to a specialist. So our vet told us she's...