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heat pad

  1. MommyNaNell

    Heating Pads & Kennels...

    I purchased Devlinn a MidWest Cat Playpen quickly after bringing her home, I felt bad putting her into a tiny kennel and I read that cats need access to a liter box during the night. The playpen is quite large, 36L x 23.5W x 50.50H Inch, it allows me to put her literbox and liter catcher at the...
  2. stoneandglass

    Cold paws, warm heart

    Wednesday is feeling much better and is back to her playful self. Since she has been running around to her little kitten heart's content I've noticed that once she settles with me her paws are FREEZING! When she snuggled under the duvet last it wad like she had little ice blocks instead of paws...