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  1. D

    Friendly neutered male looking for a new loving home

    Hello! Sadly we will have to find a new home for our cat, Micho. We are undergoing a lot of big changes in our lives and we feel we can not give him the care he deserves with everything going on. He is a great cat and very friendly with other animals and humans. He will need his vaccinations...
  2. F

    Looking to adopt in IL and the surrounding area

    Hello everyone! I am looking to adopt/rescue a Sphynx baby into my world. I keep checking in shelters and foster homes, but it seems i am constantly just a little too late. I am not surr what else I should include in the post, but any help with finding one would be so greatly appreciated.
  3. DobsMom13046

    Help me find a vet!

    I live in Northern Illinois near the Iowa border and I need to find a vet who actually know Sphynx cats... anyone live in my neck of the woods who can point me in the right direction. If it helps I live in the Whiteside/Carroll County area in Illinois. Asap. THANKS Cate and Dobs.
  4. DobsMom13046

    Hello New Friends

    Hello everyone! I am a 23 to Female from Illinois. My name is Cate. I am brand new to the Sphynx Mom life. This little cutie in the picture is my 3 month old Male named Dobby. He is a sweet little baby. I hope to learn and use this forum to answer all my over protective worrywort new mom...
  5. J

    Sphynx breeder in Illinois

    Hello everyone! I would like to purchase a sphynx kitten but I've read about so many scams, or unfit breeders. I live in the Chicago land area, but I would be more than willing to drive 4/5 hours to pick up my new kitten. I just really want to be sure I go through a reputable breeder. Does...
  6. J

    I need a new loving home in IL

    Bella is a beautiful 3 year old female. She is very loving to me, tolerant to my husband, likes my daughter and hates my son for no apparent reason. I have watched him with her and he does nothing different than the rest of us and she hisses at him. She will bite (not hard) when she does not...
  7. amhoneyliz

    Looking for a naked kitty in Illinois

    Hi there! I'm currently looking to adopt another fur less friend for both myself and my current kitty Ophelia. I don't have preference in color or age as long as they're happy healthy and okay with another cat. Please contact me through private message on the lair.