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  1. Tiny little Minka baby!

    Tiny little Minka baby!

    She’s going to be a petite little lady!
  2. Monica

    Where did you get your sphynx?

    I know sphynx owners are crazy about their cats! Some even fly their beloved cats in from all over the world! *guilty ; ) How far did you/your sphynx travel to get to you?! If you have multiples, please feel free to answer for all of them, and share your experiences! Remember, please to do not...
  3. Monica

    Stepping on my soapbox... *rant alert*

    Can I gripe for a second? Many of you know, I’m getting my first sphynx late this month, after five long years of waiting! I am over-the-moon and excited to finally have one of these coveted creatures join my tribe!! I LOVE and adore everything about this breed; from the giant lemon eyes, big...