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  1. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...
  2. Cato Grimsmo Thorbjornsen

    Gum Disease :-(

    My wife noticed the cat's bad breath and googled the symptoms, so my wife disocevered it was inflamed gums at our 6 month old Yolda and we took him to the vet the very next day. As I live in a country where the sphynx breed is not well known, and there is not many of them out there the vet has...