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  1. Cosmicsphynxes


    Hi I’ve not been on this site long, but I’m interested in following people on Instagram or Facebook as I think there is more availability to see everyones little Sphynx babies. I’m not sure if this is aloud to be spoken about on here and I hope I’m not breaking any site rules! If anyone has...
  2. L


    I am obsessed with my little Pablo! He has an Instagram account follow him and hel follow you back! Login • Instagram Here’s my gorgeous boy.
  3. Brookemarie

    Social media for pets

    Does anyone have a social media account for their sphynx cats? I kept getting asked to make one so I finally did. Roger the Sphynx is now on Instagram @nakedroger!
  4. GMPLAX23

    Petco visit

    Hi everyone! Tut turned 1 on August first so I wanted to spoil him with a new toy and a trip to the store! He did so well :D He did meow a whole lot in the car but was comfortable in the store. He was great on his leash and meandered (as cats do). The employees were very inviting and interested...
  5. Kinkandwillow

    Instagram for your sphynx babies

    hello everyone, I just wanted to know if I'm the only crazy one that has made an Instagram account for my kitty's!? If not please tell me your username so I can follow you mine is threewhisketeers That's my babies kink and willow
  6. admin

    Funny instagram pic!

    Just had to share todays "The Daily Nude" here on the Lair for those that do not follow or use Instagram. Its sort of funny, I have seen this more then once, the nudes hanging in underwear while the human uses the toilet. If you have instagram, please follow Sphynxlair and be sure to tag...
  7. gothicmist


    Forgive me if there is a thread already about this :) I know some of you must be on here and I dont put two and two together :) I am thisrockermind I dont post just the cats though if that matters haha
  8. BluesMummy

    Blues New Hoodie....

    As some of you may know Blue HATES clothes but we are trying to get him used to wearing them, weve bought him the most adorable hoodie & he seemed to tolerate it for half an hour or so, for those of you who are not on instagram & seen his photos i thought i'd show off my lovely little man...