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kilo ren

  1. sphynkles

    Kilo Ren Bathtime!

    Hey Lair buddies, Today i am batging Kilo Ren, my new sphynx kitty! I have bathed him once before, and i think i will do it weekly, for he gets filthy, very quickly. And yesssss... step by step.. with PICTURES!!! Enjoy! 1.towel in dryer for 2.15 minutes 3. Kilo laying in his bed 4.supplies...
  2. sphynkles

    Talk with a Sphynx (TWAS) Ft. our sphynxes.

    Hello sphynxlair! :3 I am Kilo Ren. I am new to the Lair, and I would like to chat with other Sphynx Kitties! Welcome to Talk With a Sphynx! Or TWAS for short. I invite you and your cats to join in! Thank you! ^^
  3. sphynkles

    Meet my new baby Kilo Ren! (or Kilo for short!)

    Meet Kilo Ren! a blue eyed one year old boy with a white spot on his face! i just got him on november 4th. He is cuddly, chases dogs, climbs GINORMOUS cat trees, hides under my bed, takes smelly poos, purrs all night,and "silently" stalks guinea pigs! i don't know what colour he is, so if you...