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looking for cat

  1. HannahG212

    Looking to adopt in or around NC

    I live in North Carolina and for the past few years have been desperately trying to find a sphynx to adopt. I do not have the current money to purchase from a breeder. I could care less about pedigree papers as I just want a beautiful sphynx to love and keep me company. I will most likely...
  2. Montanna

    Looking to Adopt in Missouri!

    Hello all! I've been on the hunt for quite a while for my first ever sphynx baby! I live in MO but I am willing to travel a bit for the purrfect hairless addition to my family. My messages are open. :love:
  3. multii


    Hey~ I am currently looking to adopt a hairless sphynx (hopefully a kitten but younger or super cuddly older is fine too) (I say that but honestly i am ok with any age as long as they are willing to love me!) I am 20 years old I live alone and am home most of the time and will be giving my full...