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  1. beccerzz11

    long car ride tips?

    Hi all - I made a separate post asking for vet recs in the DC/DMV area because I'm moving down from Boston. I'm driving down, and was wondering if anyone had any tips to make the long ride as comfy for my Wybie as possible?
  2. kirasmom

    Looking to adopt - DC/MD/VA

    My partner and I adopted a 4 year old sphynx kitty about a year ago, and she has totally stolen our hearts. We are now looking for a friend for her! Although she gets a lot of love when we are home, we do work longish days, and we're worried that she's getting a little lonely (especially since...
  3. Adam

    Looking to adopt in the DC Area

    Hello all, Me and my partner are still looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more than willing to travel to provide a good home. We are a child and smoke-free home that doesn't have any other pets. We both have fairly flexible work schedules so...
  4. BriannaPHL1995

    Hello from MD!

    Im a young woman who loves sphynx cats! I wish to own one but i havent had any luck with meeting people rehoming their kitties. Ive had a few responses but theyve lead to nowhere! If youre looking to rehome your baby feel free to chat me on here. Im willing to pay a rehoming fee as well as go as...
  5. Marinka

    Who's from Maryland, USA

    Hey guys. Just trying to find people locally to get connected and talk more specifically about breeders, vets, maybe butchers etc. You can pm me if you like. Thanks. P.s. wasn't sure where to post this topic. Hope its ok if its in here