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  1. gicantu

    Cat Asthma

    Hey everyone, I've been looking around for specific information regarding the actual prices and procedures of diagnosing my cat with asthma but I've come up with no luck, so maybe y'all can help me. A little background on my cat: I found her as a stray in 2016. I took her in and for the most...
  2. AmarasDaddy

    Sphynx kitten blackheads on tail?

    Hi friends! So, when I picked Amara up she had these marks on her tail. I just assumed it was her skin pattern. She’s traditionally all white With 3 diluted patches. So I just assumed it was her tail patterning. Now I’m starting to think it could be blackheads? I tried to pop one, I think one...
  3. MelissaAlice

    .. worms?

    I'm taking Toothless into the vets tomorrow; I think she may have worms. :depressed: She's got a little pudge happening in the belly area, but no other symptoms. She is crazy active, and eats a ton! I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestion on what type of medication I should be looking at...
  4. Taraforweb

    Supplements for arthritis??

    I posted Neenee's results in the other thread- but includes the below as well. We are going to start supplements for joint health and I am looking at options. Has anyone used joint supplements? Any brands of supplements better than others? Will your cat eat the treat version or do you...