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  1. MommyNaNell

    8 yrs old cat diagnosed with overgrowth of bad bacteria..

    I am new to the Lair, and new to owning a Sphynx. My cat's name is Devlinn, she will be 9 years old December 7th. I received my cat from a family member who owns quite a few. I brought her home at the end of June. She started having diarrhea a little before I took her home. We traveled 800 miles...
  2. admin

    Sphynx cat with Diarrhea (Giardia)

    The smell! So you're doing your everyday business cleaning the house, or working from home on your computer and suddenly you hear a sound of running water from your precious Sphynx litter box with a horrific smell that literally chases you and your other family members from the room! Diarrhea...