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  1. B

    concerning mole?

    Hello, my name is Bianca and I recently adopted my very first sphynx cat. His name is Maurice. I noticed this mole on his leg. I’m not sure if he was born with it. I’ve emailed the breeder about it, but I am waiting for a response. He has a wellness check in 2 days so I can also have the vet...
  2. Monkey and Bare

    Face markings

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions about my boys face - has any one else’s ever hurt themselves like this? (Photo attached) It may have been when he was playing with his sister but I wasn’t here to see it! Also, interested to know if anyone else’s has a birthmark like Bare does...
  3. KitKat121

    Growing spot on my sphynx

    Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I've noticed that my boy Grimley has some sort of a spot (maybe a mole?) above his eye, and upon looking back at older pictures of him I've noticed it's gotten bigger. He his about one and a half, and believe he is full grown at this point in time. I'm asking...
  4. Elaina

    New mole

    I've noticed my little one has got a mole on her ear? It's very new don't remember seeing it two weeks ago.. I guess the worry stems from her being exposed to the sun, she loves it and unless I move her she would bask all day.. I've attached a picture, will you guys please let me know what you...