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  1. onyxandkristen

    Heart Murmur :(

    Hi there, i just finished my routine appointment for my 4 year old Sphynx Onyx. Wasnt the greatest of appointments. My vet told me she heard a murmur while doing his exam. Onyx was very unhappy and was the most stressed ive ever seen him. ( im hoping this is why she heard a murmur). I am going...
  2. scots

    Heart murmur at 9 months

    hi friends My kitten cocaina went for his first echocardiogram, just for routine. The vet heard a heart murmur but could not go trough with the echocardiogram, since the kitten was very nervous and wouldn't go still. I will go back next week and he will perform the exam while kitten is...
  3. maximusprime

    Two year old male - confusing/terrifying health issues, could use some insight.

    sorry, folks, this will be long, but i'm looking for some insight from people who might have on the ground experience with this. i could probably bottom line this, but i feel like the details could be relevant. the tl;dr is that they just found a grade 2 murmur in my boy, so obviously i fear...
  4. HappyLilSphynx

    Heart issue (Not HCM, but similar in some ways)

    I was adopted by my sphynx about a year and a half ago; before deciding on a cattery, I had waited for a sphynx to become available at a shelter (never happened) and had done research about HCM and other things specific to the breed. My breeder's cats all come with a health guarantee against...