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naked cats

  1. SamBelleAme

    First Naked Kitty (:

    Hello! I found this website while looking up some tips on my new kitty. He's a Peterbald. Any tips that aren't commonly posted about? Also I haven't named him so any ideas :P Im picking him up in 2 weeks. Thanks (:
  2. J


    Hi there. I am a fellow sphynx fan! I have been researching these little critters and we have decided as a family that we are ready for one of our own. If you have any tips or any available kitties in the Oregon area, please pet us know! :)
  3. TheNakedTs

    Yeast Infection problems

    Hi guys! So a little while after I got my two girls (they are born in November, and I got them when they were three months old), I started to notice that Tina's skin was a lot bumpier than her sister's. She also seemed to get "dirty" quicker, in fact the day after a bath she would look dirtier...