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  1. Axhlxxgh

    New sphynx mumma ❤️

    Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally picking up my new son Thursday and I'm so excited has anyone got any advice for me? Also I need help choosing a name! Can't wait to get my little fuzzy tail ❤️
  2. Mariah Joubert

    Need a fun name for my new baby

    She's 5 weeks now. so it will a while before i get her but i want a really fun an unique name for her!
  3. M

    Name ideas?

    Hi, I have a four month old sphynx named Morty, and we're getting him another male as a friend. We're trying to come up with more 'm' names, preferably something spooky or Halloween related. I was thinking Mojo but I don't know if I'm set on it. The new boy is a seal point! Thanks guys :)
  4. M

    What should I name my kitty?!

    im at a loss! I recently put down a deposit for a new little baby... He or she will be born in the next few weeks (in leaning towards a male) and I can't think of a name I like! I was thinking "Jupiter" I really like that name but feel like an animals name should be two syllables lol or one...