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  1. GMPLAX23

    Are you looking for clothes for your sphynx?

    I have 3 shirts of Tut's that he has out-grown. I would like to find someone that really needs them, I know they can get expensive with other new kitten expenses. One is a training shirt the others are bigger. I got Tut around 2.5 months when he fit the trainer and was 4 to 6 months when he fit...
  2. Lickleone

    Food question

    Riley likes wet food and only wet food won't touch dry unless I disguise it inside his wet food Is it crucial that he gets dry?? He eats A lot about 5 pouches a day lol he definitely eats more then Tau did as a kitten or now that his adult lol Should I add dry to his wet or should I just...