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new kitten mom

  1. LineB

    To bathe or not to bathe ? that is the question

    Hi, I am a Sphynx Mommy to be (in less then 2 weeks), I am very excited about that. Here is my question: To bathe or not to bathe a Sphynx? Since I've been looking to adopt a Sphynx, I have read everthing that Is available on internet (forums, Vets, breeders, etc.) and seems to me like no one...
  2. ArkenBillsmom

    Hello I am a NEW Sphnx owner...AAAAAHHHHH!

    Hi, My name is Arken and I am the owner of an 9 week old kitten named Bill. We took him for his first vet visit and he has a bit of a cold. The vet sent us home with some sort of eye drop as well as LOTS of information. Vet gave him Advantage as well as advice that if the infection travels to...