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new sphinx

  1. Axhlxxgh

    New sphynx mumma ❤️

    Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally picking up my new son Thursday and I'm so excited has anyone got any advice for me? Also I need help choosing a name! Can't wait to get my little fuzzy tail ❤️
  2. tatt00wife

    Lucifur Cornelius Is Home!

    Sorry it took me a couple days to share but I have not left my new babies side!:cat: ... It was a long road trip getting my new baby (9 hr drive total) but on the way back he was perfect...wasn't trouble at all on the way back home! The person we got him from said "be prepared! he will pee,poop...
  3. Timothy Glanvill

    ~Prune's Countdown!~

    Prune born March 18th and Pick Up day is in mid/late~June! April 15th (4 week old b-day) I was able to Hold him, His personality was just coming out! while his other brothers stayed close to each other, he was adventurous and decided to see what else was join on in the room. He was also...