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new sphynx owner

  1. Lokiboi

    ~Loki arrives~

    Hi! My name is Chey and I am a fairly new Sphynx mum to Loki Underfoot who is a blue/grey 1 year old boy. I have had him for two months after getting him from someone who was not able to care for him and had him boarded at a vet for 4 months. I have always loved Sphynx cats and was so happy to...
  2. Axhlxxgh

    New sphynx mumma ❤️

    Hey ladies and gents! I'm finally picking up my new son Thursday and I'm so excited has anyone got any advice for me? Also I need help choosing a name! Can't wait to get my little fuzzy tail ❤️
  3. Strangecat

    New bby space alien kitty Mars!

    I am so happy to be able to share my joys as to how great it is to finally have a new kitten in my life, especially a Sphynx! I adopted my boy last week from a breeder close to Toronto and I am so insanely obsessed with my adorable little mancat! Finding the right breeder with local postings was...
  4. Sarahstar66

    New Sphynx mommy here!

    Hello! Last weekend, I put down my deposit on the sweetest little sphynx kitten in the whole world. (I guess I am biased though, haha!) Princess Lilith will come to me in just ten weeks, and I'm just a bundle of excitement and nerves! I've grown up in a family with countless pets, but this will...
  5. JenFl

    New...rescue...not sure, maybe adoptable....

    hi, I am Jen, I run a grooming shop and am being brought a 8 yr old sphynx girl on Monday. She is not very well taken care of, the first time I seen her a couple months ago it was late and we (another groomer and I) were closing up.........In walked a lady asking questions and telling a story...
  6. L

    Do you walk your cat?

    Hello everyone! As some of you know, I will be bringing home my first sphynx next month! I've spent the last few weeks researching/learning everything I need to know about the breed and making sure I'll give Luna the best life ever. One thing that I am curious about is taking her on walks. I...
  7. L


    Hey everyone! My name is Lera and I'm new here! I will be bringing home my first sphynx in September! Figured I should make an account and introduce myself, as I will have many questions and need all the tips I can get! Super excited to bring home my new baby! We will be naming her Luna :)...