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new york city

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    Sphynx sitter needed New York Area

    Hello Guys and Gals, Hope all is well with everyone. I’m looking for a Sphynx savy person who would be willing to cat sit out of your home for a couple of days at the end of October in the Long Island, NY area. I also would be willing to drop her off in Queens, Brooklyn, or Manhattan. No small...
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    Sphynx sitter needed

    Hello I am not sure if I’m allowed to post this (admins please delete if this isn’t allowed) But is there anyone in the Long Island NY or New York City area that Sphynx sits on occasion? I would like someone who is Sphynx knowledgeable and willing to watch my 2year old little love bug at their...
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    Looking for NYC-area adoption!

    Hello! I am looking for a wonderful sphynx cat to adopt in the NYC area. Rest assured they will be going to a wonderful loving home and someone who is so enthusiastic about this breed and their uniqueness. Please contact me with any leads!