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new york

  1. xcookie1012x

    Saratoga New York breeders?

    Hey everyone!!! My name is Stephanie, I’m so glad I found this community, I’ve been looking to find a breeder near Saratoga New York. Feel free to PM me
  2. N

    New York area breeders?

    Hello everyone! This is my very first post. I live in Queens, New York and I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a breeder in the New York City or Long Island area, or anywhere within 2 hours away. I would love the opportunity to visit. I am looking for a breeder who has...
  3. annmarieee8

    Searching near NJ/NY for cat....

    I have been interested in getting a Sphynx for a few years now. However, my biggest problem has been finding one! I am horrified of any kind of scam site (which there are plenty of) and I also am having trouble finding any rescue sites as well. At this point, I decided to come to this site of...
  4. Kris Patay

    Breeders in NY or East Coast that scan HCM

    Hi everyone, very new here! I'm writing today because I lost my baby to HCM and congestive heart failure last month. From the time symptoms began to show it was too late for medications to even give him a small chance. 10 frightening days passed until he went to sleep forever. He was only 9...
  5. keon718nyc

    New To The Lair :)

    Hello everyone and glad to meet you all, My name is Keith. I have a 9 month old blue eyed Sphynx named Jinx who lives with me here in New York City. He's a great companion and love him dearly. I have had him now for about 7 month's now, was neutered about 3 months ago and he is doing really well...
  6. EmmaKristina

    Look to buy my first Sphynx kitten; reputable breeds in the MA/NY/VT area?

    Hello everyone! I am very excited to buy my first Sphynx kitten after months of research and years of wanting one. I would like to buy a Sphynx (leaning towards a seal or chocolate point). Does anyone know any reputable breeds around those areas? What are some breeders I should look out for? My...
  7. Hairless Blessing

    Help from people who lives in New York

    My Husband and I are planning to go to NY, in Nov. to the Macy's day Parade. I have been researching Hotel's at Times Square. That's probably where we will stay. Unless there is a better place that is closer to the parade. I need suggestions. Also, we want to go to Ground Zero, Empire State Bld...