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newborn kitten

  1. khalfanikattery

    Sphynx Coat Colors (breeders)

    Hi everybody! I am seeking help identifying the coat coloration/pattern of a newborn kitten we just had two days ago! (3/23/2023 at 3PM very unique birthday, right?). I initially thought he was blue and white bi-color/tuxedo, but I am unsure because of rosettes and banding we have discovered...
  2. Kaitlynmason

    Week old kittens constipated

    Hello I have two 9 day old kittens. The first 7 days they ate and had BM 2 a day. As of two days ago they stopped having BM. They are on KMR formula. I’ve called my vet and they told me to try .. all the things I’ve been trying already. Adding more water to formula. Tummy massages. Stimulating...