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  1. M

    Cats not sleeping

    so unfortunately my boyfriend and I live in an apartment with paper thin walls. Our two cats, both 9 months, are absolute psychopaths. They play all night, very noisily and nothing calms them down. We've tried calming treats, big play times before bed, meals before bed, and cranking up a cold...
  2. thewcgirl

    Nightime activity level

    Hi! I've been a member for a while, but rarely post. I need some advice! I just recently got my second Sphynx! Her name is Ruby and she is 1 year and a half. She was meant to be a breeder cat, but turned out to be infertile, so i was presented with the opportunity to adopt her! She is a...
  3. Brianna

    Bedtime Sphynx Help

    I have a 5 month old kitten who is super exploratory and playful. When I first got her she would play all day and nap a bit but then we would sleep all night together so I didn't mind her in my bed. I work from home so when I go into my office she keeps herself busy or i'll throw a pen on the...