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not eating

  1. Rkgxo

    New sphynx kitten

    Hello everyone! I got a lovely wee sphynx boy a week ago and he seems to be settling in well! Managed to use his litter tray well and eating well too (not drinking much but I hear that’s ok) As of yesterday afternoon he seems to be a bit “off” he meowed and hissed at me cause I was moving his...
  2. QueenPeach

    She stopped eating her food! HELP

    Hello dear Sphynx Lair community, We picked Peachie from a breeder 8 months ago and been feeding her raw food that the breeder recommended. It is a blend of Chicken, Beef, and Salmon. She used to love it and ate 3 full burger patties a day. Sometimes she would leave a tiny bit and would finish...
  3. VentrellaJr

    Help .... Vomiting & Not Eating!

    Hello everyone Need some type of advice. Marcello who is eight months old stop eating and dry heaves. I brought him to the vet, They found nothing in this x-ray. They think it might be the new kitten? But This started right before the new kitten arrived! He’s Marcella’s emotional support...
  4. SarahShambles

    HELP! :(in over

    So poor little Luna is unwell! Temperature of 41c and just really lethargic ;( the vet has given her anti biotics and an injection to take the temp down. She’s back home with us now we were offered for her to be kept in over night and possibly on a drip! I felt like that was a bit much as she’s...
  5. Strangecat

    Sick Kitty ) :

    Hey everyone, I'm having some struggles trying to figure out what is going on with Mars... since sunday evening ( it is now wednesday ) my Mars ( almost 5 months ) has been sick and slow and sleepy and just not eating or being as energetic as usual. He sleeps through the night with me but he's...
  6. NevynNoir

    Worried My Young Cat Is Dying

    I have a Bambino/Sphynx who I purchased last year from a local breeder in town. Very quickly after getting him I realized that he wasn't like most cats. It was very clear to me that he had some mental impairments (Im assuming from irresponsible breeding) I emailed a very lengthy email to the...