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  1. J

    Re-home My Blue Male Sphynx--NYC

    Mog is looking for a loving home. He is an awesome cat. Unfortunately, I am moving overseas to work for 2 years & I regretfully, can not bring my little buddy. He is a healthy 1.25 yr old neutered blue male. Very fun loving but he enjoys nap time as well. Free to a good loving home. Contact me...
  2. PicklesBenito

    My baby girl Pickles, HCM :(

    Wednesday morning I woke up before my alarm went off. In my sleep I sensed Pickles laying limp & lethargic, she has been battling HCM and had a large hole in her left ventricle for a couple years. She was taking 4 different medications twice a day for a while now. At her last scan the...
  3. M

    Looking to adopt in NYC area

    My wife and I just lost our Sphynx to HCM after 9 years. we are heartbroken and looking to provide a good home with lots of love. if anyone knows of any cats or kittens available in the area please let us know.