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  1. FlameExpression

    ISO Male Sphynx OH

    Hello, I am a married college student in Dayton Ohio, and I am looking for a male sphynx to add to our family. I currently own two other male cats, though both are friendly with other cats after having time to adjust. I am willing to drive to nearby states for local pickup, and may consider...
  2. J

    Confused and looking for reputable breeder near Ohio!

    Hello all! I recently lost my beloved sphynx boy (a local rescue) to heart disease that I managed with daily meds but sadly you can't fight genetics forever. My house just doesn't feel like home anymore. I started my search for reputable breeders but I'm just so confused. Many haven't responded...
  3. ssmith281

    Looking to become a sphynx mom in the Pittsburgh area

    Hi everyone. I've done a lot of research online and it has led me here. I'm looking to add an addition to our family, and give a cat in need a forever home. We are located in the Pittsburgh, PA area. We are currently a no pet home. I do have one child who does well with animals. We just need a...