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older sphynx

  1. TheTopaz

    Math cat is sick, day two at the vet

    Math seemed fine yesterday until he started violently throwing up around noon, which triggered him to collapse and start uncontrollably pooping. We ran to the emergency vet and they told us his HCM had probably advanced into congestive heart failure and this was a "near death experience" he...
  2. AndreaM

    Multiplying Large Black Spots

    I've dug into some of the past forums here on the skin spot issues, but I hadn't seen anything quite like what my almost 13-year-old male has. He's a black & white tux and over the years has had multiplying freckles and moles. He loves the sun, so this is no surprise. Within the past couple of...
  3. xXsarahXx

    About to be a first time sphynx mommy. Need help!

    Hi everyone, so on Thursday I am going to be adopting a 6 year old female sphynx named Ginger. She will be my first sphynx, so I need lots of tips and advice on how to properly groom and care for her. I was a little skeptical about adopting her because she is older and I have a 6 month old and I...