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  1. PUE

    the crew

    house full from hairless sphynx fuzzy out crosses manx and fold and our 18 year old every day black cat, active in rescue and bottle babies so we almost always have a few extra, been interesting poking around too day too see so many lovers of the breed sometimes i t tell my sphynx from my dogs...
  2. PUE

    hairless gene question

    so my girl dad is a f1 bambino bred to a manx, she has short legs and no tail can she still carry the ressesive hairless gene from her dad? someone asked and got me wondering lol i own 2 other girls a fuzzy f2 and a naked gal so i know the basics % wise when people are outcrossing to sphinx...
  3. K

    Kitten from Sphynx outcrossed with Devon Rex?

    So I have committed to a sphynx kitten whose mother is purebred sphynx and father is Devon Rex. I was told this was an outcross to improve health. The kitten is hairless but I am wondering if it is possible, or common, that an outcross like this will cause the kitten to grow hair in the future...
  4. D

    Sphynx Breeding

    So I was wondering if someone can provide me with more information on breeding. I own two Sphynx; the female is from Korea and the male is from Russia. They're both unaltered and shes had 4 litters so far. Shes averaging about 6 kittens a litter. But the thing is every single kitten is born with...