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  1. Rhianne

    Explorer Kitty?

    Hey there! Bit of a rambling question coming- what do you do with your kitty who loves exploring and is dying to branch outdoors? Kiwi is a big believer that fortune favours the brave and is virtually unstoppable when she's determined to do something. The second the front door opens she bolts...
  2. Crombie00

    Girl cat running out the door...

    My girl sphynx who is 1 yr and 5 months old has started running out the door when I open it. I am really having to watch her. There are strays in my neighborhood and I have seen them on my porch even. What can I do to help stop this? Should I train her on a leash inside and then take her to safe...
  3. Amy31


    ive asked this a few times but get different answers! I have a multiple dog and cat household, cats that go in and out as they please and take lucifer out to my partners house who also has cats that go outside, obviously lucifer only ever goes out with me, but what's the best injections to have...
  4. BusterTheCat


    Does your sphynx cat wear a collar? I have three cats (one sphynx) and all of my cats except Buster (the sphynx) wear collars. My other two cats are notorious for trying to get out, but Buster has never attempted to escape. Even if you hold the door open in front of him, he knows not to run out...
  5. lucylue

    Is sunblock or sunscreen safe for my sphynx cat?

    I have read that some of you put sun block on your kitties, is this okay?
  6. Weedieworm15

    MAJOR Panic just now!!!:( need advice

    OMG!!!! ok 30 min ago..i came home...well, usually i open the door and capone is sitting on the ledge of the sofa and waiting for me or my boyfriend to play..and he gets all excited..but tonight!!!! for some reason..i open the front door well it wasnt even a whole 12 inches at this point and...