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  1. khalfanikattery

    Sphynx Coat Colors (breeders)

    Hi everybody! I am seeking help identifying the coat coloration/pattern of a newborn kitten we just had two days ago! (3/23/2023 at 3PM very unique birthday, right?). I initially thought he was blue and white bi-color/tuxedo, but I am unsure because of rosettes and banding we have discovered...
  2. L

    What color and pattern would my Sphynx be considered?

    Just curious of what her pattern and color would be considered this is my baby bubbles
  3. Shannonartsy

    New to sphynx kitten questions

    Hello my name is Shannon and my boyfriend and I just recently put a deposit down on a beautiful 4wk old girl. Obviously we can't bring her home for a few weeks but I am curious about her markings and that she is quite fuzzy ( a lot more than I expected) her parents are Canadian sphynx and I got...
  4. Janadean Ross

    What's your favorite sphynx shops?

    So I sat down tonight to try my hand at making some clothes for Mr. Kurley cause he loves wearing them and I like knowing that he is warm. Anywho, that didn't work out as well as I hoped - the pattern I used was long enough but was too wide around. Going to keep on trying but until then...