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  1. Condo commando

    How to get rid of pee smell

    This is a helpful article on how to clean up pee from different surfaces so that the smell is gone and the cat (or dog) won't keep coming back to that spot. If You Have a Pet, You’ll Have This – Are You Prepared
  2. KitKat121

    Using the house as his bathroom

    hey everyone! Hope all is well. Unfortunately, grimley has been giving everyone a hard time because he has been peeing and pooping everywhere. His litter box is always clean and he's not as picky with his litter as my Ghouleh, I know this because she meows after she uses it which is basically...
  3. KitKat121

    Sphynx peeing everywhere

    Hi guys! I've been having a very unpleasant problem with my Grimley, and I think I know a solution but I wanted to make sure. Grimley has been peeing (sometimes just small amounts, other times full blown) mostly on either clothes my family has left on the floor or on everyones bed spreads. He...