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  1. SphynxMomma16

    Trupanion Pet Insurance Review

    So I have hopped on the band wagon with the Pet Insurance and enrolled my little baby today :) I've read other posts on pet insurance on this site but on this forum I thought I would do a review on Trupanion for anyone in Canada. It is VERY extensive and lengthy as I did LOTS of research bedore...
  2. MelissaAlice

    Pet Insurance

    Happy Saturday Everyone .. With Toothless's gotcha day getting closer and having had to go to the vet with Elfie just 2 weeks ago; I've really been thinking about about pet insurance. I'm wondering what everyone else uses; or just thoughts on insurance in general. Thanks!
  3. FeyAngel

    Pet Health Insurance

    I have just spent quite a bit of time looking over old threads and trying my own research online into the confusing world of Pet Insurance. I have discovered that I am starting to run out of time--I found out last weekend that there is a 4 week old baby waiting for me--yikes!!! So, I have...