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  1. sphynkles

    Kilo Ren Bathtime!

    Hey Lair buddies, Today i am batging Kilo Ren, my new sphynx kitty! I have bathed him once before, and i think i will do it weekly, for he gets filthy, very quickly. And yesssss... step by step.. with PICTURES!!! Enjoy! 1.towel in dryer for 2.15 minutes 3. Kilo laying in his bed 4.supplies...
  2. Maddie

    Astrid and Her Box!

    So, Astrid has decided she likes this particular box lol. I even get meowed at to move it so she can switch from the window to the couch. So here are some pictures :) Do your babies have a favourite box? Would love to see :) lol
  3. OurBoyTofu

    Delete media?

    Hi all! We're new to the site. How do we delete media after we post it? Particularly images. Thanks!
  4. Morgan

    Happy birthday, Pierogi!

    I originally wanted to post something for Pierogi's birthday (Nov 26th) but he was neutered a week prior, and due to complications following his surgery he was back in for an emergency visit on his birthday. He is since healed and completely recovered, so without further ado, Happy 1st Birthday...
  5. captain_tinky

    Pippin's latest pictures!

    For those of you not on Instagram, here's some of Pippin's latest photos! @Ickushouse you asked for more pictures of her, so here you go! Pippin getting ready for bed. Pip being a vampire to her auntie beanie, while her cousin Sammy photobombs! Pippin just sitting cute. Pippin soaking up...
  6. Cat Dancer

    My life has totally changed!! & Quincy pics!

    Hello everyone! I have not been as active lately & am super busy with my school semester wrapping up but I wanted to catch you all up. My oh my has my life changed!! I never imagined how much Quincy would impact my life! I don't have any human babies, but feel almost as if I do now. Quincy is my...
  7. Inflamed

    We have a moat?!

    There's some construction work going on outside our home and the workers have dug a moat to get to the pipelines down there. Lucifer has been feeling much better so we decided to let him explore a bit after the workers were done for the day. Took some good pictures so I thought I'd share them...
  8. Cat Dancer

    Pictures from my visit!!!

    Hi everyone! So I am still beaming from my visit with my little man Quincy. He is growing so fast and is in that adorable, yet mischievous, playful kitten phase. I am TOTALLY in love!! The next time I see him will be my gotcha day in about a month :( hope it goes fast! Anyway, enjoy!
  9. Sphnxophelia

    Althea's Kittens!!!

    Hey All, Althea had her Kittens on March 21st! They are growing up so darn fast and seems like just yesterday I woke up next to a kitten in my bed, lol. Her birth went smoothly this time, No Problems whatsoever. There are 2 girls and 2 boys. 2 of them actually came out with Hair...