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  1. Maddie

    Kitty Cat Lipstick!

    No, it's not FOR the kitties, but it's still pretty cute! I have an obsession with lipsticks and I am slowly building a little collection and I might just have to add these... They end up being $30 (Canadian) because you have to buy the case for it. Since when was it a genius idea to sell the...
  2. Pink pedicure

    Pink pedicure

    My pink boy. He never struggles when getting his kitty pedicures.
  3. dodocats

    Color Therapy Get rid of Anger

    Hey Everyone :) Today I will show you this relaxing video based on studies of color therapy understand the psychological offects of the colors on the mood of people using simple techniques with calming soft images and light music to help you to get rid of Anger and Anxiety using the color pink...
  4. bucket baby

    bucket baby

    poor thing didn't wanna get out!