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play time

  1. M

    Why is my sweet boy suddenly a nightmare?!

    Hello all. I’ve been lurking for a while and have been very happy with my sweet baby. I got him July 15th and he’s been great! Until now. He has gotten into the habit of maximum zoomies that are often violent. On multiple occasions, he has jumped onto my leg and bitten me, attacked my arm...
  2. L

    My Sphynx Cat Having Fun

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  3. Maddie

    Da Bee... Astrid's new favourite toy

    So, as some of you may know, the company that makes Da Bird make several other attachments and toys. During kitten weekend I picked up the Da Bee and a sparkler attachment. Everything was 50% off. So the Da Been comes on a short sparkle wand and has a metal string. Still has the clip on the end...
  4. Chantelle

    Advice , help , should I be worried ???

    Hello ! I have an 8 month old sphynx kitten and I need some help! He is very rambunctious ( which is to be expected I suppose ) but my worry is that he often gets so excited that he starts dry heaving. He will take a few seconds and then go right back to being crazy ! Does anyone else have this...
  5. MelissaAlice

    I swear I love her ...

    I swear I love her I swear I love her I swear I love her! I love her but I'm going to kill her! Tonights game is (drum roll please) lets see how many times we can get mom up to chase me off the counter! I am trying to prep meals for the week and get some work done all at the same time...
  6. Amy31

    Play time..

    Does anyone else have a slight problem with "play time"? My little one is extreamly loving, but it's like someone flips a switch and he's crazy! He flys round the house crashing into everything possible, launches himself at faces, backs, legs from miles away, (when he's being lovey he climbs on...