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  1. colton

    Advice for two Sphynx!

    Hello! I posted that I took home Elio a little bit ago and after seeing him and his sister together I really wanted to take her too. Unfortunately at the time she had been reserved and I wasn't able to get her. Fast forward 3 weeks later, of me thinking about her every day, the person who was...
  2. Monkey and Bare

    Face markings

    Hello all, just a couple of quick questions about my boys face - has any one else’s ever hurt themselves like this? (Photo attached) It may have been when he was playing with his sister but I wasn’t here to see it! Also, interested to know if anyone else’s has a birthmark like Bare does...
  3. Maddie

    Da Bee... Astrid's new favourite toy

    So, as some of you may know, the company that makes Da Bird make several other attachments and toys. During kitten weekend I picked up the Da Bee and a sparkler attachment. Everything was 50% off. So the Da Been comes on a short sparkle wand and has a metal string. Still has the clip on the end...
  4. L

    Does kitty like his new toy?

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  5. dodocats

    cute kitten playing video

    Hello my friends how are you ? how are you spending the weekend? now how about a cute kitten playing and having fun video she is so adorable little cat playing and discovering an old sandal hope you will like it :) take care till next time :D
  6. Mika Kiara

    Another question... Are they playing or fighting?

    Hi, me again. With another question, I prefer asking stupid questions than making mistake. I just took a video of them playing/fighting, my question is, are we suppose to leave them doing it of are we supposed to intervene and stop them?
  7. uqwee

    Playing with your sphynx

    Hey guys, how often would you recommend playing with your spyhnx on a daily basis, and how often do you do it yourself? I try to squeeze in anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on a daily basis. Sometimes when I don't play with him too much, I get worried that I need to spend more time playing...
  8. wide eyes

    wide eyes

    those are the cutest baby blues