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please help

  1. AlecBaldwin

    Please help - purchasing kitten from another estate

    Hello everyone and thank you for your help in advance I am to purchase first queen to be kitten and from another estate! Breeder i am talking to is so nice but communication is hard and video materials are poor quality. This kitten is 7 weeks old now. Does she looks helthy to you? Looks...
  2. Rens

    our sphynx is keeping us hostage

    ok maybe a bit extreme, but seriously, she knows how to get under our skin... our kitty is around 6M old and lately she has stopped showing ANY interest in any of her toys. she refuses to play on her own, and even when we do play with her, it's not as high energy and invested as it used to be...
  3. Dobbysphynx123

    Sphynx kitten 2 weeks old rash

    Hi, my cat had two kittens 2 weeks ago (unplanned and kittens came as a huge shock!) one was born very small and I had to help feed him but he’s now fully on mum and is gaining weight nicely (fingers crossed he continues) and is now at 235g, he is however got little spots on him like white dots...
  4. S

    Sphynx bladder issues

    My sphynx is about 4 years old. She is completely lovable and spoiled, definitely no issue with attention. She's started a habit of peeing everywhere. Couch, bed (most frequent), clothes left on the floor, etc. She was taken to the vet, no UTI or anything out of the ordinary. She pees in her...
  5. MajikkuMachida

    Need a Sphynx Specialist in CoronaVirus In South Florida

    Hello All! My 1 year old sphynx kitten was recently diagnosed with CoronaVirus. I am waiting on more test results to pick up the paper work. I am looking for a specialist that can help my kitty. Sadly I looked up the breeder that I purchased my sphynx from and I found two reviews from the time...
  6. themodifieddoll

    I'm scared

    I woke up this morning and something was wrong with Godiva's right eye It looks like a film has formed over her entire eye, including her pupil and I can't get her in to see a vet [I've been calling around since 7am and the earliest anyone could see her is the 28th] Could she have hurt herself...